Monday, May 14, 2012

eBay Pickups: Tom Glavine

Not much today except some Tom Glavine eBay pick-ups of my Glavine Collection !

My first pick-up was one of the 2005 Diamond Kings relic cards, Crowning Moments, numbered to only 50. A great looking card which looks much nicer in real life than the scan below !

Next up, a 2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Team Materials, numbered to 47.

Another nice relic, 2004 Fleer Flair Hot Numers, numbered to 175

Next up is one of my few "booklets", a really great card, Dynasty Foundations of the Mets, including a Piazza and Glavine relic !

The best was still to come ! A 2004 Timeless Treasures Auto & Relic card numbered to only 5 !!

All in all, another couple of great additions to my Glavine Collection. If you have any Glavine's I am still missing let me know and I will find you something good !!

Keep an eye on my blog as I am planning to launch a fun contest soon with some great prizes !!


  1. I have one of those booklets, but it only has one relic in it. That's a nice one.

  2. Do you care if your autos are sticker or on card? Just curious ?

  3. Piazza is a favorite of mine so the Piazza patch sticks out to me!

  4. That's a great booklet. Mostly because of Piazza though haha.