Sunday, October 14, 2012

A signed glove on a card, a first for me !!

Another quick post today, this one all about gloves ! I don't own many cards with "glove relics" and despite the recent discussion on the authenticity of these relic pieces I still think these glove parts look cool. The few cards with pieces of gloves I own until now where of very small pieces of glove but today's card of clearly the largest one I have seen and of which I am now the proud owner. Take a look !

Yes, this one is even signed by Glavine himself and numbered to only 25 ! Another great addition to my Glavine collection !!

Thanks for visiting my blog and be on the lookout for another Trade post tomorrow !


  1. I do not own any of the auto-gloves, but I imagine, with the card stock, leather and laces, these must be suuuper thick.

  2. Is it supposed to be a real baseball glove?

  3. That is awesome! I love Sweet Spot and the glove cards look awesome!

  4. nice looking design, but makes me wonder how well that auto will hold up over time??

  5. of course your first would be a glavine.
    nice pick up