Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spanking Loot and Dodger Trade Bait !

Earlier this week a big package arrived at my doorstep from Spankee at My Cardboard Mistress. I joined his group break a few weeks ago while at the same time making a very cool trade ! Today I will show you some of my group break loot while I will discuss our cool trade tomorrow. As I was again sleeping while the box break was launched (I should really stop sleeping when box breaks are in sight !) I missed out on the Yankees so figured to go for the Dodgers for some Kershaw and some trade bait...and a huge pile of Dodger I got ! Have a look and let me know in case of any interest !

First up the Dodgers hit of the break, a Shawn Green relic ! Furthermore, a numbered Allen Webster, one of the 2008 draft picks by the Dodgers.

I also scored two minis !!! I love minis !!!

Here's Manny and Matt !

Manny and a Yankee (let's see for how long!)

Kemp again and an interesting Mike Marshall card

One for my PC, Kershaw ! and another Heritage for trade !

Another interesting small and long card of Park

Another Kershaw and a nice Lineage Robinson

Again, if you something you liked let's trade ! Thanks for a cool group break Spankee !! Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow !


  1. I'd be interested in the Marshall, the Manny Xponential and the Webster green.

  2. I'll take the ones night owl didn't want.

  3. That Jackie Robinson looks psychedelic.

  4. The Extra Bases set never took off because there was never a way to store or display that weird size.

  5. that Jackie card is great
    that 3D Kemp... not so much
    = )