Friday, October 5, 2012

Trade with Chuck !

When I came back from my trip to the US several trade packages had arrived, all of which I will show over the coming days. The first one was from Chuck at Chuck's Corner. Chuck had some more Topps minis for me, helping me get a little closer to completing the set !

First up some Giants with beards, the magic look to reach the world series ?

Another Gaint Mini ! and here's Chuck !!! Great idea to make your own card !

Chuck also send me some Glavines !!! Nice additions to my ever-growing Glavine PC !

Thanks Chuck for a cool trade, looking forward to the next one ! and if there is anyone with some spare Topps Minis do check out my Want List and let's set up a trade !


  1. As a Rangers fan, it sickens me to see those Giants WS cards.

  2. Love the beards! Nice custom card as well!

  3. Very nice Blogger card collection you've got going there...

  4. Oh Boy... theres those orange uniforms again