Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Minis !!!

As some of you might know I am trying to complete the A&G and GQ mini sets this year, a great but very hard challenge. Earlier this week I received a pile of GQ minis that brings me another small step closer to completion (although not yet half-way so keep them coming!).

The first batch included some great pitchers as well as a few HOF-ers (to be).

Some more including black border minis and a cool moonshot insert !

Lastly, two of the sliding stars insert minis, I really like these (although scanned like this they don't look like minis !)

So, some more nice additions to my chase for the 2012 minis !! If you have minis to trade let me know !!


  1. The horizontal Sliding Stars minis are pretty awesome!

  2. Horizontals for sure better than verticals