Monday, October 15, 2012

A Nightly Trade with the Owl

I recently completed my first trade with Night Owl at Night Owl Cards, and a good one it was ! Greg send me a very nice package with a bunch of cards from my Want List, including some cool minis. In addition, he helped me a bit with my Kershaw collection, sending my a bunch of those as well. A great trade so have a look !

First up, some A&G 2012 I was still missing. I am slowely closing in on a complete set ! Sadly enough I didn't have time this year to participate in solving the murder, but reading about it on the blowout forum did bring back great memories of DOS text adventures (yes, I am getting old !).

Next up, Minis !!!!!!!!! Several of this year's A&G minis and a cool Kershaw mini !! Although these food cards, I don't know.....not my piece of cake (oke oke, lame but just let me have my laugh :-))

Mascot time !! Bringing me a few steps closer to completing this year's Opening Day set, only a few more to go !

Two cool Yankee cards, a beautiful Mantly and a great Bowman Platinum Mason Williams.

Two more 2011 Lineage cards from the Rookies insert set, here as well I am getting close to completion !

I really like the Gypsy Queen 2011 set and sadly missed it last year hence trying to catch-up. Therefore, I love these 2 additions to my set as I still needs loads !! Great looking cards !!

 To finish it off Greg send me a pile of Kershaw cards. Here are two of those !

Thanks Greg for these cool cards and a great trade !! Do check out his blog if you have never visited Night Owl Cards (slim chance but who knows!).


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks again for a cool trade, looking forward to the next one !

  2. I've never visited that blog before. What's it like? :)

  3. The vintage Dodgers players on the Gypsy Queen look great. Looks like a great trade!

  4. Ahh! Mascots and another Brown!! NICE!!