Monday, October 8, 2012

Loot from Colbey !

Colbey at Cardboard Collections recently held one of his famous affordable group breaks, this time opening boxes of 2012 Topps Chrome. For once I was in-time to grab the Yankees (!!) while the randomizer gave the Twins to me as well. As I only collect Bert Blyleven (also in Twins uniform) all the other Twins cards are for trade so let me know in case you see anything you like !

Let's start with the hit of the break, or at least a hit that came my way. As it is a Twins cards its up for trade and it is a Chris Parmelee autographed RC card. I hope at least some of you have heard of him because I hadn't yet ! My favourite Yankees pitcher was included as well !

Two more Twins up for trade, a Morneau refractor and a Dozier RC Blue refractor (#/199)

I like these die-cut cards, here's one of Gardner together with a blue Rodriguez refractor (#/199)

Two more Twins Rookies, Benson and Hendriks (I need to start watching more Twins games, don't know any of these guys).

Last one is another Rodriguez refractor for my Yankees collection !

All in all another cool affordable group break by Colbey, do check out his blog as he usually has slots available in these breaks so don't miss it ! Thanks Colbey !


  1. Parmelee had huge numbers after his first call-up to the Twins late in 2011, but kind of floundered a bit in the Majors in 2012. His numbers were very impressive in AAA but just didn't translate in the big leagues... yet, anyway.

    1. Thanks for your comment, i am learnings something new every day !

  2. Chrome is always one of my favorites. 2010 being the exception.

  3. I love that you refer to your trades as loot!

  4. Smiling Rivera is funny as he is striking u out