Sunday, October 28, 2012

Timmy's on a role !

Tim Lincecum has had a poor season but clearly regained some strong momentum as a reliever during this World Series. A few days ago a received a pile of Lincecum cards to add to my collecting. It included a very cool golden ring card. Although a fake piece of ring of course I still like the look and feel of this very thick card a lot !

In addition to this cool card the pile included several base cards, refractors and minis. Here's Topps Finest, both the base and refractor !

The same for Topps Chrome, the base and refractor card

... and why shouldn't Topps use this picture over and over again so here's another one from the Topps base set, red border variation ! Also a cool Cut Above insert card !

a Topps mini was also included and I always love a mini !!

Lastly, one of his inserts, this one from this year's Topps Update

Earlier last week I was also able to pick-up one more Triple Threads Lincecum card (#/18).

All in all some cool additions to my Lincecum PC, one that moved to the background a little but has seen some more momentum recently, like the man himself !!


  1. Great pick ups! I really have to pick up one of the ring cards.

  2. Lotsa nice cards here.
    I hope Tim bounces back & has a great 2013. Baseball is just better when Tim is fun to watch!

  3. I'm not a big fan of the manufactured relic card, but I like the look of the ring cards.