Saturday, October 20, 2012

Two more Triple Threads !!

I was able to pick-up two more 2012 Triple Thread cards and they finally arrived a few days ago. Meet my latest Kershaw !! An awesome combination of an auto and relic card, numbered to only 18. This is now probably the coolest Kershaw I own in my Kershaw PC, although the 2010 Triple Threads version is a close 2nd. A shame it's a sticker auto but I guess you can't have it all !

I was also able to get my hands on a nice numbered Swisher relic card (#/27), still one of my favourite Yankees despite the terrible post-season he had (like the rest of the hitters in the team). I still hope he sticks around next year and isn't traded.

That's it for today, thanks for checking my blog !


  1. Sweet Kersh! I've bid on a couple of those already with no success. I'm gonna get my hands on one soon!

    1. Yeah, you have to get lucky with these, for me even more as only 25% of people is actually willing to ship to a guy in Holland !

  2. I still like the other Kershaw better, but only because it's on card.

  3. Great looking cards! Hard not to like Swisher. He's just a fun loving guy that can play baseball really well.

  4. finally a Kershaw card we both have. Great addition