Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adding another Freak !

I like the Topps Triple Threads set but never bought any boxes given the high price point. However, I do keep my eye on individual cards on eBay and recently Tim Lincecum has been fairly reasonably priced. Clearly for a good reason as he has had a very difficult season and one can doubt if he will ever return to the level he pitched at a few years ago. Although my Lincecum PC has not been a key focus for me lately, when I saw this card for a very reasonable price I jumped at it. I guess a lot of people have stopped chasing Timmy's cards. Meet my latest addition to my Lincecum PC, here's The Freak !

Thanks for visiting my blog today, watch-out for some Vintage tomorrow !


  1. Great nick name. Nice low number too.

  2. Great looking card! It would be great to go after all the different nicknames from this Triple Threads set.