Thursday, October 4, 2012

My first Kershaw 1/1 !

Just a quick post today on my latest addition to my Kershaw PC ! I love A&G so when I saw this one I didn't hesitate and bid for it. To my surprise it went for a very decent price and arrived at my doorstep a few days ago !! The scan doesn't do it much justice in my view, a nice 1/1 magenta printing plate !

In addition, this year's Triple Threads included a bunch of different Kershaw cards including this beauty !

Thanks for checking and if you have any Kershaw cards for trade let me know !


  1. Wow those are two fantastic pick-ups!

  2. Woooo, I need to get a Kershaw 1/1. At least I have that Clay Young card!

  3. Two great cards! Congrats on your first Kershaw 1/1!

  4. yep, looks a lot like that silk card from your other posting.

  5. ANY Kershaw is a hit.
    Great pick ups