Thursday, October 25, 2012

Starting with Topps 1976

I have come to appreciate vintage more and more in recent months. The definition of Vintage is still not quite clear to me but my personal definition is simply anything before 1985. I have not been collecting much Vintage up to now but recently decided to give it a go and I am really enjoying it. My key focus is on Topps 1976 set, the year I was born. I don't own many cards yet from that set (I did receive a few from Jeff at My Sports Obsession a few months back) but I was happy enough to "win" a bunch on eBay which gave me a nice start. I hope to get a Want List up soon (but for now simply assume I don't own much of it in case you have any lying around!). Here's my first batch of Topps 1976 !!

My favourite card of the bunch of 1976 cards I received was this Blyleven, one of the players I am collecting, The Flying Dutchman ! Rollie Fingers was also in the pack !!

The famolus Tommy John and a great Pirates card !

Meet the Rookies of 1976 !!

I love the Astros jersey's they had back then !

A quick reminder which teams did well in the 1975 season with the Reds winning in the end !

A Yankee was also included ! and the father of Nick, one of today's Yankees (not sure for how long...)

Two last ones including former Yankees GM Torre !

All in all I really like the Topps 1976 set and I am definitely going to try to complete it in the coming years. So if you have any spare ones let me know and let's trade !


  1. Love '76 Topps. Those look like some well-conditioned versions.

  2. Vintage is the best. I'd take a pile of that over new stuff any day.

  3. I define vintage as anything from before I was born, 1981.

  4. gotta love the vintage!
    Hey wait-a-minute Daniel, I'm from before you were born!! that's just mean!!