Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visit to a LCS !

During my trip last week I had the chance to have a quick visit to a local card shop in Las Vegas. It was a nice shop, called Legacy Sports Cards, with some very helpful people. My big focus was of course Glavine and they had some cool Glavine cards available !

To start off two cool numbered cards, SP Authentic and a very nice Topps Gold Label.

Furthermore, they had some Moments & Milestones for me. As I am still chasing the complete set this was a nice addition !

I also found two nice relic card, a jersey and a bat card !

It was not only Glavine, I also found me a nice addition to my Blyleven PC !

All in all a quick and fun visit to a Las Vegas card shop. Great thing is that I was able to make a deal for this one and likely sell it to them to give me some nice funds to chase some cool cards ! (haven't sold it yet so in case you are interested in buying it do let me know asap).

Thanks for visiting my blog again !


  1. Bat cards of pitchers are such a beautiful thing.

  2. Anyone remember this post?

    1. Visionary post ! That's the reason we need you back in the blogosphere Kyle :)

  3. You may finish the Yankee Legacy set before the Moments and Milestones set. Both of them seem to be never-ending.

  4. Manny.... still want it. Great card