Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Superduper Trade !!

I recently completed a cool trade with Superduperman99 at Fantastic Catch so when I came back from my trip to the US a nice package with a pile of cards was waiting for me ! If I remember correctly he was looking for some Cardinals I had in my trade bait and it started from there. Here's what he send me...

First up a cool Bernie relic card as well as an autographed card of Urena (yes, I had to look him up as well !).

My two favourite Yankee pitchers were also included !

Cano has been on a roll in recent week ! Here's he twice, and yes I still need some 4000+ of these Yankee Stadium Legacy cards so keep them coming :-)

Two more cool cards, really like the Jeter one !

Any package with some Glavines is already a success !!!

The cards above weren't even half of all the cards he send me so thanks very much Superduperman !! Let's finish with a cool Mini !

Thanks for checking my blog today !


  1. I'm in the process of writing a post about the cards you sent me,they were great! I also just sent an email. I need your address so I can send a return package !

  2. All Yankee relics should have a pinstripe. It should be a rule.

  3. I had a friend in high school that was a big Bernie Williams fan. He would have loved that jersey card! I really like the Munson card!

  4. Munson!! and the Starquest cards are always cool

  5. Interview cards to me are always odd