Friday, April 12, 2013

A Cooperstown box means trade bait !

When I recently ordered my Gypsy Queen boxes I couldn't resist also picking up a Cooperstown box as this is a set I would love to complete and has some fun and nice cards in it. And so it happened that I had the pleasure to open up a cool Cooperstown bit disappointing was more like it. Out of the whole box I only got 10 new base cards, despite having only opened 1 box before, that's it. So clearly not great....on the flip side, it does leave me with a pile of Cooperstown cards so if anyone wants to set-up a trade let me know !! Now let's see what I got in the box, luckily it included an Auto card !!

First up a few of the new base cards, a cool Clemente as well as a guy I have seen before in my GQ box break: Carl Ripken Jr !!

The box also included some numbered parallels, Reggie Jackson and Satchel Paige, both numbered to /299.

The Cooperstown set does have some cool inserts, here's one of the BallParks and a Field General !

Cooperstown also has some sort of "silk"-like cards, I got one of Rickey Henderson.

Lastly, the hit of the box, a cool Rich Gossage, my third Cooperstown auto card after Blyleven and Rollie Fingers and another cool one for my Pitchers collection !!

All in all a bit disappointing that the box didn't help me a lot in completing the set but it did leave me with a pile of doubles so let me know if you are looking for a trade !!

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  1. I don't know how much I dig any of the Cooperstown base cards or inserts, but their autographed cards look downright amazing, and have some great names. Congrats on the Goose, I'm jealous!

  2. the Fisk and the Gossage are too cool. and I love the Ballparks cards, the architecture that is put into some of these parks is amazing.

  3. love that old ballpark card. photos from that time are great

  4. I have to chase down that Field General set.