Monday, April 22, 2013

Package from Thorzul

I recently participated in a blind "Trade Bait Dump" at Thorzul will Rule. I received a big package a few days ago with lots of stuff from both the Braves (all for trade!) and the Yankees.

Let's start with the Braves. Sadly enough, no Tom Glavine cards so that was a shame. It was however, a Dion Sanders hot pack with multiple copies of the Triple Play and Donruss cards below. Any Dion Sanders collectors around ?

and more Dion Sanders and of this Donruss card even 20 were included, all for trade ! Also some cool Yankees cards, Cone and O'Neil !

Some more Braves...and there he is again, Dion Sanders...

and more Braves, some cool cards of e.g. Klesko which also had a lot of cards in the pack !

Let's move to the Yankees. Some more cool cards with the O'Neil for trade as some 10 copies were included ! Really like the Cone card !

Some more cool Yankees cards !

To finish off with some more Yankees !

Thanks Thorzul for the package !


  1. Triple Play was one of my favorite sets back in the day. Love the Sanders card!

  2. That first Sanders card looks awesome.

  3. lots of variations of cards. good haul