Saturday, April 6, 2013

More Milestones !!

Not a blog Milestone today but more Glavine Milestones !! I was able to make a good deal with someone and get several 2008 Moments & Milestones. The great thing is that these were not the regular ones numbered to #/150 but these were all numbered to #/25 so a pretty rare find (or maybe nobody is simply as silly as me trying to complete the full set of course !).

Here are 6 out of the 11 I received. If you have any lying around your house and desperately looking for a new home let me know, I will take good care of them !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog again today !


  1. That is a crazy set! I can't imagine trying to go after all the parallels.

  2. no lie, I won't even pretend to know exactly how this set was dreamed up.

  3. Drugs. Someone was on drugs when they came up with that concept.