Thursday, April 11, 2013

GQ box 3 !!

Time for GQ 2013 box 3 !! Let's keep it short today and start with the two autos ! Blue and Miley. don't know much about Miley to be honest but love the Vida Blue autograph for my pitchers collection !!

and now for the two relic cards, as said before, I am not really impressed by the plain old GQ relic cards and can't get too excited by the Haren. I do like the framed relics, here's Belt !!

The blue-framed numbered card of the box was Weeks !! I really like these blue-framed cards !!

Let's finish with the 3 numbered minis which included Profar, the best "Dutch" propsect in today's baseball so very happy with this mini !!

Thanks for checking my blog today !!


  1. Gasp!

    If you're not super-attached to the Profar and Rasmus minis, let me know and I can take them off of your hands.

    1. I am inclined to keep profar for my "kingdom of the netherlands" collection but the rasmus is yours !

  2. I know who could get excited about that Haren patch. ME!!! I sure I can try to find something for it in return. Just let me know, good sir.

  3. The Miley is awesome. Okay. I'm biased as a D-Backs fan, but you could have done worse.

  4. loving that Lee mini!! And the D-Backs card is very cool.

  5. Vida Blue was a fantastic pull. Most of the autos I've seen from GQ are pretty low-tier guys, for lack of a better term.