Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Tribute to Kershaw !!

I love Topps Tribute ! However, these boxes are way too expensive for me so my strategy is to simply focus on the cards I would like for my player collections. Here are two Kershaw's I was able to pick up !

Firstly, a beautifull "Tribute to the Stars" jersey card numbered to 50. I really like these !

The second card is a double-relic card "Superstar Swatches" ! These also look really great and this one is even numbered to only 15 !!

Really love these cards so might pick-up a few here and there for my player collections !!

You guys like these cards as well or am I the only one here ?

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. That double relic is SICK!
    Nice additions.

  2. Tribute's a little too fancy for me, but I always like a Kershaw card.

  3. You've got an amazing Kershaw collection!

  4. Tribute is too rich for my pocket, I've gotten a few in trade and even the base cards are very nice.

  5. and when he retires he will have a statue outside Dodger Stadium as a tribute

  6. The Tribute does look nice and fancy.