Monday, April 29, 2013

Baseball Dad delivers the goods !!

Last week I received a nice package from Jack, also known as Baseball Dad from the blog All Tribe Baseball. Jack send me a fun collection of cards with the initial trade starting because of a cool Jeter Cut to the Chase card. I love this insert set and I am trying to complete it so this card was very welcome !!

In addition, Jack send me a random pack of cool Yankees cards, some with a clear like to my home country, the Netherlands. Here's a couple with a Dutch connection !!

Well actually no Dutch connection here, but let's have a look at some real ones that Jack send me ! Robert Eenhoorn, one of the few Dutch players in Yankees history ! Jack also added a Chasing the Dream card from my Want list !!

Here's another Eenhoorn in full action  !!

I also have big difficulty getting my hands on Target/Wallmart/Toys R US coloured parallel's from Europe so these to parallels are very welcome, Kuroda and Granderson !

My favourite Yankee, Rivera was also present, 2 cool cards !! I love the Masterpieces set but this blue Spectrum card also looks great !

Jack also send me some "older" stuff, sets I am trying to complete and hopefully have Want Lists for in the coming weeks or months !

Thanks Jack for a nice package !!


  1. Glad you liked the cards ! Got a new stack started for you.

    Got your second package today also !
    Don't know how you get so many great Tribe cards !

  2. Masterpieces is one of the best sets ever! Love the Rivera!

  3. Baseball Dad always mails a good package.