Monday, April 8, 2013

Cooperstown Auto !

I have been a fan of Panini´s Cooperstown. Sure, it misses team logos and has some mistakes here and there, but still I think it´s a fun set and I am still trying to complete the base set and some of the inserts (check my Want List in case you have any available!).

I also like the autographed cards a lot in the Cooperstown set. Of course I chased down the Bert Blyleven one as a first one, adding it to my growing Blyleven PC. I also noticed another really great card and given it´s Panini (and the lack of team logos) the prices are actually very reasonable.

Here it is, a fun Rollie Fingers with a great mustache !!

I will try to chase some more in the coming months !! Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Fingers has a really nice auto. I should try and pick that one up from my Cooperstown set.

  2. Once again, despite my general apathy toward Panini, I like the looks of this one.