Tuesday, April 9, 2013

GQ Hit !!

So, after taking two of the pricey, "but a high chance of a great hit", teams in Sam's GQ Case Break last week (I took the Yankees and Dodgers) I needed some "comfort wax" as the case break left me hitless (despite Sam's great efforts, thanks Sam!!)..... Luckily, the wait was only a few more days as my 3 GQ hobby boxes arrived today in the mail !! So let's break some wax !!!

As many of you already have seen plenty of base and insert cards let me stick to the hits. Here's the best one, compensating for Sam's hitless case break, a Cal Ripken Jr Autograph card !!!!! Not sure how I feel about a redemption, my third one already and never ever seen one arrive at my doorstep yet but I have high hopes someday these will turn in something cool !! My second auto was a Steward auto of the Athletics, I like the GQ auto cards although I don't have that much with this guy...

My two relics were a Texas Rangers Moreland and Peralta of the Tigers. I continue to like the framed minis !

Furthermore, the box contained a nice blue-framed numbered card of Adams of the Cardinals !

Lastly, 3 numbered minis were included ! A cool Kuroda (/99), a nice Volgelsong (/199) and a great Seaver (/50) for my Seaver collection !!

Those were the highlights of box 1, pretty happy with the Ripken !! Let me quick starting opening box 2 and 3.

I'll be back !!!


  1. I thought those were the highlights of all three boxes. I guess I didn't realize that GQ offered all that in one box!

  2. Glad to see that you got the Ripken! It was awesome!

  3. nice hit on Cal Jr. Still looking for my 1st auto of him

  4. Nice Cal and Seaver mini! I'm sure you were happy to see that one.