Sunday, April 21, 2013

Opening Day Box Break Means Trade Bait

A while back I opened a box of Topps Opening Day 2013, usually a fun, cheaper, break every year. Like previous years I am likely to chase the full set and I am still missing some so check out my Want List in case you have some for trade ! I won't show you all the base cards but just some of the inserts and blue, numbered parallels that are for trade ! Here we go !

Let's start with the fun of every Opening Day set, the Mascotes !! Meet Slider and Gapper !! I have 4 for trade including these 2 !

Next up all the numbered blue parallels, all for trade if you are interested !

One more, Trevor Bauer of the Indians

Two for my personal collection, Verlander and Lincecum !!

As said, Want List is up so let me know if you fancy a trade !

Thanks for checking my blog today !


  1. Definitely interested in Slider and the Blue Bauer !
    I will check your list.

  2. So far I have #200 base and M-14 Mascot. I also have #20 and 91 from Panini Cooperstown Collection. Sure I can find some more!

  3. I'm interested in the Motte parallel, and I am also collecting the Opening Day Stars inserts if you have any that you're not keeping.

  4. Great Mascot card! I also like the blue sparkle cards!

  5. Mascots, Blue sparklies, Verlander, much goodness here. Now that's the shade of blue Walmart should have for their cards.

  6. Mascot and Timmy....
    Ill take the Mascot