Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cards from Italy !!

A while back I was contacted by another Baseball card collector in Europe, Riccardo from Italy !!! Always good to know I am not the only one here in Europe collecting this cards !! Riccardo wanted to send me some cards and they arrived last week, a cool bunch of cards ! Riccardo doesn't have a blog just yet but is toying with the idea of starting one as well. I would certainly recommend it as it brings a lot of extra fun to the hobby being part of a great blogosphere !! Well, let's move the cards that Riccardo send me !!

The cards were mostly random and that made it fun to go through so let me show you some of the cards. First up, always appreciated, Tom Glavine cards !!!

Riccardo also send me a Ginter card of the 2008 set I still needed so thanks so much ! He also included an interesting Donruss Classics, a set I am trying to complete, but I have never seen one with this "National Trading Card Day" logo on it !

Two more interesting cards from a set I have never seen, Upper Deck Honor Roll.

This set I like, Diamond Kings, 2 cool cards, Beltran and Loaiza.

Two more oddball cards, Ken Griffey Jr and The Bird !!

Two more cool cards, Martinez and Jackson

Last one for today, a nice die-cut SPx of Soriano, cool looking card !!

Riccardo, thanks so much for the cards, a return package will be on its way soon !!!


  1. Nice trade! The Reggie Jackson is my favorite!

  2. I can't believe somebody gave you the Bird!!

  3. Wife is Italian
    Still doesnt like my cards