Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Affordable Group Break Loot !!

I recently participated in one of Colbey's group breaks at Cardboard Collections. This time he opened some great boxes including 1998 Pacific Online, 1998 Pacific Paramount and 2000 Topps Gold Label. The loot arrived earlier this week, let's have a look !!

First up, Topps Online, a real cool set of cards, here's Jeter and Strawberry !!

I like the Pacific Paramount set as well, including this new addition to my Rivera PC !!

I love the Topps Gold Label set as well and I am trying to complete the full set so these are very welcome.

This set also has some beautifull inserts and I was lucky that Colbey pulled this great Jeter for me !! A real treasure !!

Two more cards were included, a great GQ mini which I still needed to complete the mini set as well as a cool Whitey Ford card. Can't recall if these are just extras or that these were part of the break as well.

Colbey, thanks very much for the group break, I am looking forward to the next one !!!