Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Liquidating the Kershaw Collection, part 1

Just before Opening Day I noticed a big, big wave of Clayton Kershaw cards on eBay. After doing some digging around it seemed that someone was liquidating his Kershaw collection. He was selling many, many autographs, relic and numbered cards so I contacted the seller and luckily he was willing to ship to the Netherlands !! The key benefit of having all these cards on eBay at the same time is that it divides the attention of the Kershaw buyers, hence depressing the price a bit. As a result, I was able to get a nice package of 13 new relic cards, 8 new autograph cards and 10 new numbered Kershaw cards !!!!

They arrived last week and my intention is to show them all !! Given the size of the package I will split it into 3 posts, starting today with the relic/patch portion.

First up, a few 2011 jersey cards, two shiny ones !

The next one is a funny one given last week's events, Dodgers vs Padres !! In addition, a 2011 Triple Threads, numbered to only 18 !

 Two more Triple Threads from the 2011 set, both numbered to 36 !

More Shiny cards with this blue 2009 Topps Tribute. Kershaw has multiple card as well in this years Tribute so hopefully I can get my hands on one or two !

Topps Marquee also had some Kershaw cards in 2011, a Titanic Threads and a Gametime Mementos !!

Of course, these days a Panini is sometimes included in the mix. Here's a Playoff Prime Cuts from 2011, a triple relic card numbered to only 25 !

To finish this post I was able to pick up 3 letters of his name, The Letterman from 2009 UD Icons ! Clearly some more letters to go :-))

Be on the look-out for all the awesome Kershaw auto cards in tomorrow's post !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!


  1. Great cards! It's times like these that I wish I paid at least a little attention to ebay!

  2. excellent additions! can't wait to see the rest of your Kid K loot. I hope to stumble upon a seller such as this someday haha.

  3. Love the letter cards, always wanted to chase a few names.. sounds like a great next project

    1. Yeah, great project but note they are numbered to only 30 and with the many letters in his name I doubt I will be able to ever complete it :-)

  4. Awesome cards! Once again, good luck with the Letterman set!

  5. My Sparkly All-Star Halladay is one of my favorite jersey relics. And it was dropped in my lap just because someone thought I'd like it!!

  6. great additions. would have loved to collect those lettermans