Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Zimmerman Hotbox !!

Oke, time for GQ box 2 !! This time a Zimmermann hotbox !! So I pulled both the Zimmermann relic as well as the Zimmermann auto ! Talk about a coincidence ! Although I am not a big fan of the non-framed relics of GQ 2013 I do like the Auto cards !

The two other hits of the box were a cool framed relic card of Rolen of the Reds and a Ruiz auto of the Phillies.

The blue-framed numbered card of the box was a cool looking Stargell !!

Last up, the numbered minis of the box, a great black Strawberry and Koufax and a brown Fister.

Time to open up box 3 !

I'll be back !!


  1. Of course, my eyes go right to the Koufax.

  2. Great cards! Gotta love Gypsy Queen!

  3. Do you still have that Ruiz? that is AWESOME!! Love me some Chooch!!

  4. the blue stargell imo is the best one.