Sunday, April 29, 2012

eBay Pick-ups: Rivera

In recent weeks several yellow envelops from eBay arrived, adding some nice cards to my collection. Today a quick overview of my Mariano Rivera loot, my favourite Yankee pitcher !

I picked-up some nice cards including this Topps Tribute 2012 relic card (#/25). I really like the Topps Tribute set this year and I am trying to chase the different Rivera cards ! I now have the #/10, #/25 and #/99 and I am still in need of the #/15 and the #/50.

I also recently "won" the 2012 Topps Museum Collection Primary Pieces card, numbered to #/99, a really nice card. Do you also find it interesting that eBay calls it "winning", which to me usually has a definition that does not include "paying" for something !
Furthermore, a very nice 2005 Topps Uncommon relic card in a sealed toploader, the scan does not do the card any justice. I still haven't been able to confirm that the set is called "uncommon" but then again it didn't really spend the time checking this fact, it is just a very nice card so I just bid for it !
Also, a nice Upper Deck Yankees Dynasty relic card, Rivera together with Pettitte !
Lastly, 2008 Upper Deck X Relic card which also fits well in my "let's collect everything with Rivera on it" Rivera collection
That's it for today, later this week some eBay pick-ups including CC Sabathia, Roger Maris, Tim Lincecum and of course Tom Glavine !

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the rest of your weekend !