Monday, April 2, 2012

1000th Yankees card !!

This weekend my first ever package from COMC arrived. I have been checking out that site for a while now and recently pulled the trigger and selected some great Yankees cards. The envelop that arrived this weekend included several awesome Mariano Rivera cards and while doing the admin Zistle told me I just entered my 1,000th Yankees card in the system, another milestone in my, still short, baseball collecting career !! Well, to be honest, I still have plenty of boxes and binders lying around that need to be put into Zistle but oke, seeing the ticker going above 1,000 was a nice feeling !

The card that did the trick was a great card, a 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Crowning Moments card of my favorite player, Mariano Rivera !! A green parallel, so serial numbered to #50.

If you are curious about Zistle or my collection, now at 12,000+, in Zistle check it out here !

Look out for a more detailed review of what COMC delivered in the coming days !


  1. I've only ordered from COMC once, but I got some great cards at good prices.

  2. 1000? that sure is alot of Yankees

  3. I've never used Zistle. Do you like it? Congrats on 1000 Yankees!