Friday, April 20, 2012

Jaybarkersfan's Junk Draft Loot Arrives !

During February and part of March Wes at Jaybarkersfan's Junk hosted a fun Trade Bait Draft. I noticed some great cards in the draft so decided to participate. Given the large group of participants the draft stretched out over several weeks and a few day ago the loot arrived !!

I scored a few additions to my quest to complete the Allen & Ginter series, here the Cano (2011) and Verlander RC (2006) minis !

Furthermore, one more Flora of the World: Shirley Poppy ! Still need a few so do check my Want List if you have some spares lying around !

Two great 2005 Legendary Cuts, Joe DiMaggio and Paul Molitor, really nice cards !

Two nice additions to my Sabathia and Rivera collections !!

Another really nice Legendary Cuts card, Lasting Legends: Bobby Doerr of the Red Sox,numbered to #399 (up for trade !)
Two minis !! One of the 2012 minis I still needed: Shin-Soo Choo (still need 23, 39, 46, 49 so let me know if you have these to offer !!). Furthermore, a 1986 Topps Wade Boggs mini !

Two more nice additions to my Pitchers collection: Tom Seaver (2001 Cooperstown Collection) and Nolan Ryan (from the 2011 Diamond Anniversary set)

Some vintage was included as well, 2 Expos from the Topps 1972 set !!

I will stop here but the draft included much more cool cards. Wes also decided to include some surprise Yankees cards (Thanks Wes !!!). Another great addition to my Rivera collection !!

and another Rivera addition as well as a nice Bernie Williams card

All in all a great Trade Bait Draft hosted by Wes. Thanks Wes, it was much appreciated !!