Monday, April 23, 2012

Trade with reader Paul !

A while ago a I was contacted by one of my readers, Paul, about the Topps 2012 David Price Silk Collection card I pulled. A few mails back and forth and a nice trade was born. My package arrived late last week containing some great cards !

The key to the trade was a great Tom Glavine relic, serial numbered to #/50, SPX Winning Materials !
Also, the trade included a 1976 Nolan Ryan Topps card !
With that being the basis of the trade Paul also threw in a load of Yankees !! Here some of them including my favorite Yankee, Mariano Rivera, a nice addition to my Rivera collection, one that is growing nicely !

Paul also threw in a few Golden Greats ! I still need a few so in case you have any spares check out my Want list and let's set-up a trade !!

The package also included stickers ! Dave Winfield and Nolan Ryan !

Don was also present !

Lasty, some Heritage ! The Yankee Coaches, don't have many cards with them on it !

All in all a great trade, adding to my Rivera and Glavine collections as well as adding some great Yankee cards, and not to forget Nolan Ryan ! Thanks Paul for a great trade, hope we trade again in the future !!