Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cardboard Collections Loot Arrives !!

Earlier this week a big yellow envelop dropped in my mailbox. Quickly opening it up it became clear the package was send by Colbey at Cardboard Collections. A few weeks ago he organized one of his affordable box breaks in which I participated. I was in time to grab the Yankees and the randomizer gave me the Expos/Nationals as well. This time Colbey opened 1999 Pacific Invincible (Hobby), 1997 Topps Screenplays (Hobby) and 1995 Topps Finest Update (Hobby). Let's see what was in the package !

First-up, several nice Topps Finest cards, here McDowell and Fernandez. The scan doesn't really do the cards enough justice in my view...

Next-up, Pacific Invincible, a really nice set, have a look at Bernie and Derek !

Here another really nice Derek Jeter Pacific Invincible card
Next-up, more Bernie and Derek !

As I also had the pleasure of been randomized the Expos I received a bunch of Vladimir Guerrero cards. So if you collect him, let me know !!

...and another one !!
The break also had these cards.....not sure what to make of least it seems they went to the hairdressers before the photo :-)

Colbey also send me some extra cards including 2012 Topps Opening Day....

....and also some nice Yankee cards including one of my favourite pitchers: Mariano Rivera !!

Lastly, the break contained Topps Screenplay cans which include one special "Kodak" card !! I was lucky enough to receive a Derek Jeter can and card !!
The above Jeter can contained the below card, of which the scan doesn't really do it justice. A really nice 3D type card.
All in all a great break so thanks very much Colbey, also for the extra cards !! 

Note that Colbey is planning to do one of his affordable group breaks again, this time opening hobby boxes of 1999 Skybox Thunder, 2003 Fleer Double Header and 2003 Fleer Genuine. It's only $9 for a team of your choice + a random team ! A lot of teams are still available so check out the sign-up page here !! 


  1. I think I was in on that break because I got a tin of Juan Gonzalez.

  2. Free the Finest! Peel that protective coating off!

  3. Free the Finest. Free the Finest. Free the Finest. Free the Finest.