Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nachos Grande Loot arrives !

I recently participated in one of the fun group breaks hosted by Chris at Nachos Grande. This time he was opening 1999 Pacific Revolution, 2002 Fleer Flair, 2003 Donruss Champions box, 1999 Pacific Paramount and 2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber, a nice mix of boxes. I was lucky this time as I noticed the break quickly so I was able to sign-up for the Yankees while the randomizer gave me the Astros. 

First up, Donruss Leather &Lumber. I like this set and Jeter & Mattingly are a welcome addition to my collection !

The break also give me a nice insert of Paul O'Neil (numbered to /2500).


The 1999 Pacific Revolution set is a cool looking set as well, here is Bernie and Derek !

Another Derek & Bernie combo, this time from 1999 Pacific Paramount

Another set I really liked from the break was 2002 Fleer Flair. Really great looking cards with nice combination of background and forefront. Meet Jeter (again) and Mussina ! I might even try to complete this set!

Another nice set is the 2003 Donruss Champions. I received 4 nice ones below

I was lucky enough to score a great hit, a very large (box topper size) autograph on bat card out of the Flair box: Flair Sweet Swatch (#/785). Although the player isn't great (Drew only played for the Yankees for 2 seasons before ending his baseball career in 2004), this large-sized card looks really cool.

All in all, a cool break by Chris at Nachos Grande, and I am looking forward to the next one (skipping the current one as I was too late signing-up). Thanks Chris ! No Astros cards to show as these are already on their way to Sam at The Daily Dimwit !

Thanks for checking out my blog again, really appreciate the visit !!


  1. LoL on matsui looking like he's 50 years old on a rookie card. about torre? i imagine thats what tom sellick would look like if he revisited his 'mr. baseball' character and made an update where he's now a manager in japan. hey sellick - i want at least a 10% finders fee (after gross) when you sell this idea.
    those pacific revolution cards make your yanks look great. nice catches !

  2. BTW - keep ur eyes open - i mailed a package to you last thursday

  3. Hehe, you are right on that Matsui ! Yor package should go out this Tuesday !

  4. Is that Henson auto on a piece of wood or does it just look that way?

  5. Those Sweet Swatch autos were really cool. They were huge and awesome!

  6. sweet swatch my butt I know wood when I see it...

  7. I hadn't seen those Pacific Revolution cards before. Very cool!