Wednesday, April 18, 2012

COMC Delivery Part 4: Allen & Ginter

Allen & Ginter is one of my favourite sets so when I was "checking out" COMC I couldn't skip adding some Allen & Ginter to work my way towards completion of the 2011 set. My goal is still to try to complete the set before 2012 Allen & Ginter comes out and I now only need 6 base cards and some inserts (if you have some spare Allen & Ginter please check out my Want List !). Let's have a look at what my COMC package brought me !

First-up, a few of Yankee relics, Cervelli and Hughes

and a few more relics, this time Joba Chamberlain and Ramirez

I also scored me several base cards, getting me a few steps closer to completion: Cueto and Perez

A few Baseball Highlights Sketches, a really nice insert set

So as I really want to complete the full Topps 2011 A&G set I am also tryin to complete the other inserts including the Floating Fortresses...... well as the Minds that Made the Future.
....and lastly, the Ascent of Man inserts (although I am not a big fan of the AOM inserts to be honest).

All in all, several nice additions to my A&G set and a few steps closer to completion !! If anyone can help me with the last few cards I am looking for let me know and I am sure I can find you something in return !

Thanks fore visiting my blog again !


  1. Do you need any more of the relics? I have a few on my trade bait list and I saw some things on your lists I could use...

    1. sure, shoot me an e-mail with what you have available and what you are interested in and we will work something out !

  2. I second that...not a big fan of the AOM inserts.

  3. love the A and G variety in the set

  4. comc is a great place to get cards!

  5. with my career based around Marine Design, I really love the Floating Fortresses insert set.