Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gypsy Queen arrives in Europe !

Yes, I hear you thinking "another post about Gypsy Queen.....". Yes, I admit we have seen a big wave of GQ posts across the blogosphere in recent days. Still, I know you are curious to see what I pulled and what's available for trade !!

I must admit, I really like Gypsy Queen. I missed it last year and was all fired up for this year's edition so I ordered 3 hobby boxes, which arrived last Friday at my doorstep !! To me it didn't disappointed. I really like the set, the minis, the inserts (Sliding inserts are great!), the blue-framed parallels, I like it all ! As I am sure you have all seen everything already I am not going over it all once more. Instead let me just show the hits and the numbered minis !! Almost all is for trade so let me know in case of any interest. Here we go.

First the Autos, a very nice Brandon Belt and Peacock (Athletics)

Also, Zimmerman  (Nationals) and Perez (Royals)

 My last 2 auto pulls: a Jered Weaver Redemption and Wood (Cubs)

On the Relic front I pulled the following: Nelson Cruz (Rangers) and Romera (Blue Jays)

One of my favorite pulls: Mariano Rivera framed mini-relic !! Also Avila (Tigers)

Two more framed-mini relics: Longoria and Zimmerman

I also pulled several Sephia minicards serial numbered to #/99. I really like these, sadly enough I didn't pull any of players I collect so these are all up for trade !
Lastly, I pulled a few Blue-framed parallel cards, these look really nice! Ian Kennedy and yes, there's Rivera again !!

All cards except the Rivera's are up for trade. I also have loads of base cards and minis available for trade so let me know what you are looking for ! Please check out my Want List for an overview of what I am still looking for to complete my 2012 Gypsy Queen !!