Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More loot from the Dimwit !

Another envelop from Sam at the Daily Dimwit arrived on my doorstep last week, containing the loot from a recent box break Sam hosted. Sam's box breaks are always a lot of fun with interesting and original boxes of cards. This time was no different as he opened boxes of 2003 Topps T-205 Series 1, 2004 UD Diamond Collection Pro Sigs, 2003 UD Standing O and 2003 Playoff Portraits. As the Yankees were already taken (thanks to whoever came up with the concept of "time-difference" !!), I grabbed the Mariners and Braves. Here's what Sam send me !

First up, Playoff Portraits. They actually look pretty nice. Here's Ichiro and Chipper !

Next-up, more Ichiro, this time from the Topps 205 set

This set looks great and the best thing is, it contains minis, I like minis !!
In addition, this sets includes some small booklet type cards, again here are two with Ichiro

I promise, this was the last Ichiro ! Next up Standing "O", round cards ! Bernie Sheffield and Andruw Jones

Next up, Standing "O" base cards, ooops, I found another Ichiro (all for trade by the way) !!

Sam also threw in some extra cards including this great prime 9 set !!

Furthermore, Sam added another nice addition to my Mariano Rivera collection, while also adding a red UD Masterpiece card (#75), awesome, I love that set !!

All in all, another great break and some great extra cards that Sam threw in !! Sam many thanks for the break and looking forward to the next one !!


  1. I like the artsy look of the Playoff Portraits cards. That red UD Masterpiece looks sharp.

  2. I sorely need some Ichiro autogrpah cards