Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kershaw Delivery !

I recently noticed several great Clayton Kershaw auto cards on eBay for some fairly low prices so I decided to go for them. Luckily, the competition was not too focussed on these so it all ended favorably for me ! Here's what the mailman delivered to my door recently.

First, up, one of my favorite Topps sets: Allen & Ginter, a great on-card Kershaw auto from the 2010 set !!

I am also a fan of this year's Topps Tribute and chased one of Kershaw's auto from this set as well (Inkable Accolades, numbered to /25), a really nice looking card !!

Lastly, one of the earlier Tristar autos (2006 Prospect Plus), which I got on the cheap, probably because it's Tristar !

All in all, a good start to my recently initiated Kershaw collection as part of my favorite pitchers theme !


  1. His signature is amazingly consistent. Nice cards!

  2. Again.. other than contest if you have any interest in moving any of these check me please.

  3. Kershaw does have a nice looking signature! Great pick-ups!

  4. I'm not saying he doesn't have a cool sig, I'm just saying I don't see "K E R S H A W" in there...

  5. Congrats to my Kershaw companion!