Wednesday, April 11, 2012

COMC Delivery part 1: Rivera

A few months ago I came across the website Check Out My Cards (COMC), a website most of you I guess have already been familiar with for years. I thought it was an interesting concept and, in theory, would save me a lot of postage costs compared to eBay (although in the end it turned out to be a bit more expensive than planned due to 30% import tax etc!!).

Last week my first COMC package arrived, which included some great additions to my Mariano Rivera collection. Rivera is one of my favourite players of all times and, together with Tom Glavine and CC Sabathia, starting to become the key focus of my collection. First up, one of my favourite sets, Masterpieces ! This is the one of the Caputered on Canvas relics and one of the green parallels (#75).

I was also able to find a Topps Tier One black parallel (#/50), a really beautiful card.

I also scored me some Topps Finest
My first steps toward a 2005 Studio Portraits "rainbow" (all serial numbered)

Furthermore, several other nice additions to my Rivera collection, including one from the UD A Piece of History set which I am trying to complete (please see my Want List and if you have any spares let me know) !

Several Chrome cards included as well !

 A really nice look and feel of the Topps Marquee set

All in all pretty happy with the Rivera part of the package which heps my gradually grow my Rivera PC !!

Later this week be on the look-out for more posts on my COMC deliveries including CC Sabathia and Glavine.


  1. Those are some great pickups! I really like the Masterpieces set as well.

    1. and if you need any Masterpieces Michaellet me know, I got plenty of base cards for trade !

  2. Now that's a load of Rivera. In a good way.

  3. I may have to chase down one of those Captured on Canvas relics... wonder if they came in Phillie flavors??