Monday, April 16, 2012

COMC Delivery Part 3: Tom Glavine

You might have come across my recent posts on my first delivery from COMC: Part 1 Rivera, Part 2 Sabathia. Today it's time for Glavine, one of my favorite pitchers ! Check them out !

Let's start with one of my favourite sets, UD Masterpieces, base set and the black parallel !

Next-up, another very nice insert set: Legends of the Game. I also very much like the UD A Piece of History set with this one being a blue parallel

Next-up, I am working towards my first Glavine "rainbow" !

Furthermore, another nice Glavine relic addition, Milestone Materials !!
Two more cool Glavine cards, a numbered Baseball Heroes card and a 2004 Timeless Treasures card !!

I also found several Tools of the Trade cards from the Absolute Memorabilia set

Some more Absolute Memorabilia set cards

 Lastly, also a set I love: Donruss Champions

All in all, very happy with the additions to my Glavine collections. If you have any Glavine cards available let me know so we can set up a trade !!