Sunday, April 8, 2012

Girls on Cards and More !

So last week I was opening another yellow envelop and this is what I had to deal with........Colleen and Deanna !

and if that wasn't enough, there was Catherine and Terrie

So after staring at the cardboard for a minute (or more...and yes you may now stop staring as well !) I was trying to figure out who send me this envelop. Looking at the envelop's content some more (no not the girls above but the other cards!) it started to dawn on me, this was box break loot from Derek !! Derek at Tomahawk Chopping recently hosted a box break of Topps 2012 Opening Day and 2012 Heritage. I quickly grabbed the Yankees and Tigers and here's what I got !

First up, Topps 2012 Heritage

A couple of Tigers (up for trade) including a Verlander for my Verlander collection !! A great Prince Fielder card and a chrome Martinez (#563).

Furthermore, two of the Yankees set, Swisher and Jeter ! Derek also opened a box of Topps 2012 Openings Day

Two more additions to my Verlander collection !!

In addition, two of my favorite Yankee Pitchers, Rivera and Sabathia ! Derek also threw in some more cards including a bunch Topps Chrome cards, amongst others a purple Curtis Granderson (numbered to #499) and Cano (#1962)

In addition, several more cards including the following...

Always great to receive a Gypsy Queen card as I still need loads as I missed it last year !! Also like the Signature Star set. As if this was not enough Derek threw in two jersey cards, a Dontrelle Willis Artifacts card (#250), really like this Artifacts set, and Bowman Sterling Shinnosuke Abe card !

Derek, thanks very much for a fun break and the extra cards, really liked them !! Also, thanks for making me aware that there is also cardboard stuff with girls instead of baseball players, makes you wonder why we all chose to collect the baseball players (oke maybe we shouldn't try to answer this :-) !

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog again. and if you are that collector out there that collects this Benchwarmer set let me know !


  1. That Heritage Verlander always makes me think of the beach. So do the bikini clad girls. Just saying.

  2. I stopped after I saw the beautiful girls. Where there baseball cards too?

  3. Wait, what were we talking about?