Thursday, April 19, 2012

JABO Box Break Loot !!

Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside (or JABO) is one of our fellow bloggers that I have probably done the most trades with while also participating in most of his box breaks. A really great guy that I can recommend anyone to trade with ! The last box break was no different with me grabbing the Yankees and Braves with Kyle opening up a stream of boxes including 1977 OPC, 1978 OPC, 1989 Bowman, 1995 Dimension III, 2001 Stadium Club, 2001 SP Top Prospects and 2004 Upper Deck r-class. Yesterday the loot arrived with some great additions to my collection !!

First-up, some vintage (or at least in my view, not sure how you are using this definition but I usually call anything before 1980 vintage !). Here's Reggie Jackson and Ted Sizemore. 

....and Kyle pulled more vintage for me...Graig Nettles and Sparky !

Next-up some nice 3D cards, Mike Stanley and Don Mattingly

Some 1989 Bowman with a new (young) Glavine addition and a nice Winfield as well !

2001 Stadium club, another Rivera for my collection ! A cool Jeter in action as well. Is he doing ballet ?

Some Upper Deck R-Class with Mussina and Jeter.

 Lastly, some nice sweepstake insert cards with Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra !

All in all, another fun break hosted by the great Kyle !! Do check out his blog as he has 1 or 2 breaks going on as we speak !! 


  1. You're a JABO posting machine. 2001 Stadium Club has some really nice photography. I don't know why Topps can't do that across all brands.

  2. Wonder if Reggie hit a homer or just struck out in that card?

  3. Another Schmidt card... I'm actually thinking of re-branding my blog around him somehow...

  4. The Mattingly and Stanley are sweet!