Monday, April 9, 2012

Dimwit Trade Bait Draft loot arrives !

A few weeks ago Sam at The Daily Dimwit organized a Trade Bait Draft which was a lot of fun and resulted in a nice envelop arriving at my doorstep last week, including several relic and autographed cards. Some of them will go directly on my Trade Bait list so check out the content !

First up a Dave Winfield jersey card from the Legends of New York set, a great set I love and collect !

Next up two Bernie Williams relic cards, a jersey and a bat card ! Really like the lumber one !

Next up a very nice Darryl Strawberry jersey card (#250) and a nice Sabathia jersey card as an Indian (#165)

Furthermore, I scored several auto cards as well !!

I am adding the Sean Henn card to my collection but the Ben Sheets auto (#250) is up for Trade !

Two more auto cards, Armando Galarraga (Rangers) and Bartolo Colon (Indians), both up for trade ! Lastly two more relic cards which I am willing to part with in case a good trades comes along !

Travis Hafner of the Indians and Gary Sheffield with a very nice SP Authentic card !

Thanks Sam for hosting another fun event, keep up the good work ! Looking forward to the next break !


  1. You made out like a bandit with that break. Congrats.

  2. Colon before the juice looks funny

  3. The Lumber Company card is awesome!

  4. hard to pick a favorite out of this post

  5. As Daniel said, the Lumber Company is nails!