Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trading with JABO - Printing Plates & Hostess Panels & Yankees !

A few weeks back Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside (JABO) showed some interest in one of the cards on my Trade Bait Page, a red Topps 2011 Finest Eric Hosmer. We e-mailed a bit back and forth and worked out a great trade ! Here's what Kyle send me, just a's awesome !!

First up is a 2008 Topps Update CC Sabathia Printing Plate !! Although not in pinestripes (it's a Brewers card) it's still awesome and my first Sabathia printing plate !!

Also, Kyle send me a great 1975 Hostess Panel with Nolan Ryan, Reggie Smith & Joe Coleman. When opening the envelop I just sat there for a minute and watched the card, a beauty !!

and if that wasn't enough Kyle included several great looking 1993 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes cards, these look really great as well and the scans don't do them justice

Don't they look just simply awesome, really a great addition to my Yankees collection. But if you thought that was all then you don't know Kyle well enough. As if this was not enough he threw in a box (100+) of Yankees cards. Here is a small selection...

Two cards from my Topps 2012 Want list that I was still looking for !!

Two very nice 2002 Topps Archive cards of Munson and Ford

Two missing Yankee Stadium Legacy cards ! Only some 5,000 more to go so if you have any spares let me know !!

Two Topps Finest cards, really nicely looking !

and Nick Swisher cards, one of the most fun Yankees on the team !

To be honest, whatever I would show you does not do justice to the pile of cards Kyle send me, it was simply awesome.To top it off he included some old-fashion gum !! I haven't made up my mind yet if I am going to take a bite or not :-)

Kyle, after this great package the ball clearly is in my court again so at some point I will send you a, hopefully great, package again !

Thanks so much for a great trade !!


  1. That gum is from the 2003 Bazooka we opened in the box break. Chew at your own risk! (Although my boys chewed some and said it was fine).

  2. That Nolan Ryan panel is just amazing.

  3. Love the Printing Plate! I've become a big fan of them in recent years.

  4. Holy Crap!! Who exactly are the B E E S???

  5. Congrats on the plate! There's a C.C. as a Brewer collector (Thorzul) who would probably kill for that 1/1.